Plants and me

As someone who loves plants deeply. Sometimes as much as (or more than) I love people, it is very disheartening to see that I will be away from these lovelies soon.

I have special attachment to each and every plant in this image and the two pots missing in the image. Nevertheless today I managed to call upon the gardener and finally give them a good healthy grooming.

Here’s to hoping they live on healthily and happily and wealthily once I’m away.

I will miss these babies so much. They kept me company on quite afternoons and lonely evenings. With multiple vermin attacks, butterflies blooming and caterpillars cocooning around them. These plants have been an important part of my story and I am forever grateful that they are a part of my on going wonderful life.

I am not sure if anyone out there understands the sentiment. But the plants have meant to me more than my own life. No trip outside has been without a worry about their well being. I am so very grateful every single day for their health and presence in my life.

While I did the basic thing of watering them everyday, they gave me far more in return. Even the water given to them was a product of their and their ancestors' hard work. I was only the medium.

Plants have taught me patience, love, and empathy. They have taught me the value of simply being and observing the moment. And as they grew, shedding leaves, they also taught me the value of acceptance.

I am forever grateful 🙏



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Sangita Rajesh Iyer

Sangita Rajesh Iyer


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